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Sunday, February 6, 2022


 SAMSUNG NX58K7850SS .  So far it's still cooks and only does the on the cleaning cycle.  But it has done it a couple of times while cooking.  Please help let me know if you have any idea's. The PCB FAN board & BLDC FAN has been replaced but it's still doing it.

picture of service manual of error

Video of error

Monday, January 3, 2022


 PIKVM WEBSITE: -- docs site is

RASPBERRY PI 4 - 4GB Version

1. Raspberry Pi 15W Power Supply, US, Black $8.00

2. Raspberry Pi 4 Model B/4GB $55.00 -- if not in stock just notify me and wait.

3. EZCOO USB 3.0 KVM Switch HDMI 4K 60Hz 4-Port CEC - $110.00

4. HDMI Cables if you need some for the switch - 1 for each computer hooking up

5. USB MALE A to MALE A cables if you need some 1 for each computer hooking up

6. USB C OTG, Phone Adapter USB C 2.0 - $11.99

7. PortaPow Cased Power Blocker (Single Pack) -$6.99

8. Geekworm Raspberry Pi Hdmi-in Module, Hdmi to CSI-2, Hdmi inpute Supports up to 1080p25fps Compatible with Raspberry Pi 4B/3B+/3B/Pi Zero/Zero W - 35.99 -- You can order from aliexpress and get it fo 23 or 28 dollars see me or click here - $23.72 is the price

9. 16gb Micro SD for PI OS Load 4.99 to 20 shop around

For loading the PI -- use these images

Use this page for the override.yaml -- the code for the HDMI switch is on this page + the protocol 2 line

Wiring sample -


Raspberry Pi 15W Power Supply, US, Black $8.00

Raspberry Pi 4 Model B/4GB $55.00 

EZCOO USB 3.0 KVM Switch HDMI 4K 60Hz 4-Port CEC - $110.00 

USB C OTG, Phone Adapter USB C 2.0 - $11.99

PortaPow Cased Power Blocker (Single Pack) -$6.99

Hdmi to CSI-2 Bridge for Output Hdmi  from KVM - $23.72

Micro SD 5 bucks

$220.00 or more if you need HDMI and USB cables.  Keep in mind that KVM Switches can run $500 bucks or more.

You can also get the PIKVM HAT Be in stock 1st part of 2022--

Monday, September 6, 2021

Ken's MAC tips for windows users

1. To scroll down on a website just use three fingers on the track pad. Up / Down.

2. To cut, copy paste. Highlight text then hold two fingers on the track pad. That is the right click. Then select copy cut paste. 

3. To snapshot a portion of the screen. Hold shift, command, 5 down. Select what you want then hit capture. Then save the file to anywhere you want. 

4. Hitting the red X on a windows does not close the program. If a program is in the bottom dock with a dot underneath it, it's still running. Does this matter, not too much. If you want to quit it. Goto the bottom, Select the icon with two fingers down (right click). hit quit. 

5. Want your mac to read website's to you. Use Microsoft Edge. Install it from here. Right click and read aloud 

6. Keyboard cut, copy, paste is command x (cut) c (copy) v (paste)

7.  All menus are on top of screen for the app / screen in focus instead of attached to the window.  Red X closes the app but it could still be running.  

8.  Need to find something in MAC OSX.  Hit the search icon on the top and type what you need to find.